Saturday, July 18, 2009

your earth, my earth our earth

let us hand in hand preserve our habitat. let our children enjoy the world as we. let us save it now for them to have a place to live on.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the three R's on how to reduce our wastes

its very wise when ever you have a waste at hand always think of something,,can i still use them. just don't forget that question and it will lead to to reuse it.

again just ask your self before throwing your garbage to the trash cans, can i make something out of this? y not. it will lead you to recycling it.

before consuming any 2 of earths resources, ask first your self, isn't it enough when i just use 1? think of it. it will lead you to reduction of use usage.

Monday, June 22, 2009

how can i help the earth

The ice in the north pole are melting! Temperatures are rising up-recording high! Small islands are starting to vanish from maps! Some crops don't grow as they were! Pollutants in the air, land and water are continually rising! Some new diseases are coming in the show and killing people! These could be some of the effects the earth is suffering from this global warming.
As a simple inhabitant of the earth, what can I do? Can I prevent the sea level from rising? Or can I zip all air, land and water pollutants?
We are all living in this world and consuming its resources. From our basic needs to our wants, earth's resources are at stake.
We need food, shelter and etc. However, before we can consume these stuffs, they undergo several processes, where these pollutants came from. Every time we are hungry, it could mean a lot to our environment, say you will eat a fried chicken. Let us please all agree, for the sake of this example, that it came from an egg. For an egg to be hatched it should be brood in an incubator, could it be artificial or natural. And when it becomes a chick, it will need feeds for it to grow. Feeds also undergo through complex processes which also require a lot of natural resources. After dressing it a lot of marketing and delivery procedure will be done before it will go to the kitchen of the fast food you are now seated. At the, kitchen they will cook that chicken, another process. To sum it up all those processes requires, at least, electricity and oil based fuels. Producing electricity requires also natural resources fuels. It would be earth friendly if they use renewable sources, like sunlight, water falls, and geothermal energy, to produce electricity. The more process to go through the more natural resources it will consume and the more wastes to be added to air land and water.
what can we do as an individual
  • produce your own food - if you have backyard or front yard why not plant crops for your consumption. Use organic materials for your production. No insecticides and in organic fertilizers.
  • don't burn your garbage - try to make a compost pit for your biodegradable wastes, they can be used as your organic fertilizers to your plant. Re use your non-biodegradable waste material, be creative, you can create something out of them and make a living.
  • use electricity from a renewable sources - like solar disc, hydrothermal source, geothermal source, wind source.
  • use bio fuel or electricity for your car - if this is not yet available in the market, why not try to develop yours.
There could be many ways to conserve and protect earths resources, start it from our own. Even how small the way we can contribute at least we have tried. We just don't know after 1000 years earth is still here and humanity continues just because we acted on what we can do for the earth. We have to act now, don't wait others to do it for you, don't even wait your government to take its first step, do yours and let the world know that when little thing is jointly done, it could change a world.